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News/Upcoming Events
07/23/2013 - AE Faculty Play Major Role in $16 million Center for Simulating Plasma-controlled Combustion (read more...)

06/01/2013 - Mr. Kevin Heritier admitted to the NASA Ames intern Program at NASA Ames, Moffett Field, CA. (read more...)

09/08/2012 - Prof. Panesi to deliver invited lecture on Molecular Physics and Plasmas in Hypersonics at EMFCS 2012 in Erice, Sicily (read more...)

09/10/2012 - Curiosity slowly makes progress toward Glenelg (read more...)

09/10/2012 - Aerospace Engineering 590 Seminar: Prof. Dan Inman, Univ. of Michigan (read more...)
About the NEQRAD Group

Welcome to the website of the NEQRAD research group

The focus of the NEQRAD research group is the modeling of non-equilibrium chemically reactive flows. Non-equilibrium flows are ubiquitous in engineering applications, and are often found in gas discharges, lightning, atmospheric pressure discharges for surface treatment and atmospheric entry of spacecraft. The systems under investigation are dilute gases composed of atoms, molecules, ions and electrons interacting with one another and with the radiation field. The modeling addresses the details of energy transfer between the flow and the internal energy of atoms and molecules and the interaction of radiation and matter. Typical applications include:

  • Hypersonic flows
  • Plasma discharges
  • Plasma assisted combustion

NEQRAD is an interdisciplinary team which aims at developing predictive methods for multi-scale, multiphysics phenomena. This research draws from all areas in applied mathematics, computational science and high performance computing, as well as physical modeling and CFD.

To learn more please take a tour of my website. I am always looking for outstanding and highly motivated students. To get involved with the NEQRAD group please contact me:
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